This workshop is a satellite meeting of the 21st International Conference on Plasma Surface Interactions in Controlled Fusion Devices (21st-PSI) held on May 26 through 30, 2014 at Kanazawa City in Japan.

It follows the tradition of the series of the last eleven International Workshops on Hydrogen Isotopes in Fusion Reactor Materials (H-Workshop) that were organized as satellite workshops to PSI conferences.

As its predecessors it is intended as a platform for experts in the field to present and discuss the latest scientific results. To fulfill its scope as a workshop ample time for discussion will be foreseen.

The workshop will focus on experiments and modeling of hydrogen isotope interactions with fusion-reactor materials with particular emphasis on fuel balance in reactors and the development of tritium removal techniques.

Topics to be addressed include:

♦  Hydrogen isotope recycling, migration, retention, and release from fusion reactor materials and co-deposited layers

♦  Tritium removal techniques

♦  Influence of plasma impurities and seeded impurities on fuel retention

♦  Influence of neutron damage on hydrogen retention in materials


International Programme Committee:
        Paul Coad (VTT, Finland (formerly at JET))
        Ahmed Hassanein (Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA)
        Yuji Hatano (Toyama University, Japan)
        Jiansheng Hu (IPP, CAS, Hefei. P.R. China)
        Wolfgang Jacob (IPP Garching, Germany)
        Robert Kolasinski (Sandia National Laboratories, USA)
        Alexander Pisarev (MEPhI, Moscow, Russia)
        Marek Rubel (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden)

Local Organizing Committee:
        Masao Matsuyama (Chair)
        Takayuki Abe
        Yuji Hatano
        Yuji Torikai
        Masanori Hara
        Akira Taguchi
        Satoshi Akamaru

Conference Secretary:
         Yuji Hatano
         Phone: +81-(0)76 - 445 - 6928
         Fax: +81-(0)76 - 445 - 6931

     Mrs. Yoshiko Ueda
         Phone: +81 - (0)76 - 445 - 6921
         Fax: +81 - (0)76 - 445 - 6931